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Who We Are & What We Do

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Our aim is to provide a space that everyone can enjoy, while leaving life's stresses at the door.


'The Sauna Snugg' is a new mobile sauna company based in Cork. Brought to you by Stephen and Jessica, a young couple who, through their love for sea swimming and health & wellness, have come together to present the people of Cork with 'The Sauna Snugg'.

The Sauna Snugg offers the exhilarating experience of basking in the heat while you take in the magnificent coastal scenery of Cork. With the choice of a dip in the sea or a shower to cool down, we can facilitate for almost everyone's needs. Our sauna offers a vast amount of health and wellness benefits and in our current environment, we believe this is a fantastic way for people to come together and connect in a toasty seaside sauna snugg.

Stephen - "Fitness, health and wellness for Jessica and I is so important! Therefore, being able to offer this service makes us very proud. Knowing the benefits of using a sauna, combined with a dip in the sea, I would encourage everyone to try it out".

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